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Welcome public services applicants!

You have made a great decision choosing West Notts!

A quick message from the Head of Department, Sarah Morley

FAQs - public services courses

The following information will hopefully give you a little bit more of an insight into what it will be like to be a student with us.

  • Where will I study?

    All of our public services courses are based at our Derby Road campus, Mansfield, although there is plenty of opportunity for trips and visits. The college operates 13 different bus routes to and from this campus, both in the morning and the evening.

  • What is it like?

    The college is an adult, professional environment intended to prepare you to work in your chosen industry. We expect students to conduct themselves as they would in the world of work. Attendance and punctuality are very important and, as you have applied for a course that could lead you into the uniformed public services, high standards of behaviour are also the norm.

  • What will I study?

    You will learn through a mixture of practical and classroom study. Practical activity may include sport, drills, first aid, outward bound and orientation. Level 1 learning is very project-based, while level 2 study has a much greater emphasis on practical skills. Level 3 learning tends to be more academic-based.

  • What about English and maths?

    If you start at college and you haven’t yet achieved your English and maths GCSEs at grade 4 or above, then you will continue to study these for three hours each week per subject. At the end of your first year you will take a re-sit GCSE exam. It is important you attend your English and maths lessons alongside your chosen course.

    Take a look at our fact sheets to find out why English and maths is important within this industry.

    View English and maths fact sheets

  • What will I have to wear?

    Public services students will be asked to wear a ‘uniform’, comprising of combat trousers, a plain t-shirt and safety boots, at all times.

  • Will I have to do a work placement?

    At levels 2 and 3 students will be expected to complete a work placement. This is a great way of getting your foot in the door, impress an employer, and may lead to a job. We encourage you to start thinking early on about where this could be and our central work placement team can support you, using their strong employer links.

  • Applicant activities

    Before you start at West Notts, here are a few activites to get involved in.

    Image of a young women smiling towards the camera

    Watch - What our students say

    Georgia highlights the range of careers available in the public services sector and her experience on the course, meeting new friends and people in the sector.

    View the video on YouTube

    Close up image of a man ironing

    Task - demonstrate self-discipline

    For this task you will need to video yourself completing two activities with discipline.

    The two activities are to iron a pair of trousers and a shirt effectively and efficiently.

    Below are some example videos

    Example 1, Example 2.

    Submit your work and/or contact the tutor

    Image of a group of students stood in front of a fire engine.

    News - Industry week brings business to life for students

    Learning how to become self-employed, role play with the police and training and industry talks from the experts were just some of the activities which engaged our students during industry week. In 2020 tutors organised specialist visits in each of the sectors from a range of organisations, giving students the chance to learn new skills and techniques. External trips were organised for students to see how employers work and progress in their work settings.

    Image of the HMS Prince of Wales

    News - All aboard! Public services students visit HMS Prince of Wales

    A group of 25 students public services students were fortunate to be able to see HMS Prince of Wales, one of the Royal Navy’s most powerful warships up-close, during its week-long visit to Liverpool. The 65,000-tonnes ship is the second of the UK’s giant new aircraft carriers and boasts a 280 metre-long flight deck, which the students were able to have a tour of, getting right to the top of the flight ramp which has a 28 metre drop.

    Image of Craig Lanton

    News - Careers advice ignites students’ passion in the public services

    Public services students welcomed a Nottinghamshire firefighter to talk about all things careers in the fire service. Firefighter Craig Langton spoke to students about his career journey over the past thirty years which saw him begin as a retained fireman, going on to be a whole-time firefighter for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

    Image of military staff in uniform posing for the camera.

    News - Students stand ready for military careers advice

    Two high-ranking military personnel visited the college to give public services students a vital insight into army and navy careers.

    The Royal Navy’s Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr) John Coates and the Army’s Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Wayne Hall were on hand before the half-term break to present to student troops about the breadth of career options in the services, their lives in the military and their own career starting points.

    Young woman writing a letter

    Read letters from our current students

    Our students wanted to share their experiences of college with you. We hope their letters help answer some of your questions and put you at ease.

    For safeguarding reasons, the students names have been removed.

    Read Georgia's letter

    Read Joesph's letter

  • Ask your tutor

    Anything playing on your mind about your college course? Then send your questions to our college tutors using our simple online form.

    Ask a question

Why choose West Notts?

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100% A Level pass rate in 2020.

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction.**Learner Exit Survey 2019/20

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An extensive bus service across Mansfield and the surrounding area.

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We have four campuses each boasting a number of state-of-the-art facilities.

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