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eduroam - secure wireless for staff and students

The eduroam wireless network service is the primary Wifi access for West Nottinghamshire College staff and students. It can also be used by visitors from other participating institutions.

How do I connect?
  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your device
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network 'eduroam'
  3. When prompted, enter your College username followed by
    For example:
  4. Enter your college password
  5. Accept certificate if prompted.

You should only need to authenticate once using your college username and password and after that you'll automatically connect to eduroam every time. You will need to repeat these steps if you change your college password.

What is the eduroam wireless network?

The eduroam service also allows users who are working away from their home institution to use local wifi facilities if their home institution is also part of the eduroam network.

An organisation can take part in the eduroam service through being a ‘Home’ institution, a ‘Visited’ institution, or both:

  • a ‘Home’ institution provides authentication for its users when they wish to access internet facilities at a participating ‘Visited’ organisation
  • a ‘Visited’ institution permits members of other organisations to use its internet facilities whilst on site using their 'Home' institution credentials

West Nottinghamshire College participates as both a ‘Home’ and a ‘Visited’ institution.

Visitors to the college from another participating institution

To connect to the eduroam service whilst at West Nottinghamshire College, please ensure that your device has been set up correctly before your visit.

Your local IT Support service should be able to assist with the required configuration. You will need to enter your home username and password in order to connect to the eduroam service if these credentials are not already cached on your device. The user credentials supplied by your device must identify your home institution e.g. would identify user xyz from college/university abc.

If you encounter problems, please contact your home institution for assistance.


For the latest information about where eduroam is available in the UK, visit JANET roaming locations.

For information about where eduroam is available globally, visit the eduroam website.

Code of Practice

Whilst at a participating site, you are bound by guidelines and the acceptable use policy of the site you are visiting. Failure to adhere could result in disciplinary procedures.

eduroam(UK) policy

The eduroam(UK) policy can be found on the JANET website.

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Help and support

Contact the IT Service Desk:

01623 627191 ext 8001

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