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  • Diploma in Painting and Decorating - Level 2

    This course can act as a stepping stone towards gaining a full NVQ at Level 2 subject to gaining employment. During the course you will study a wide range of units including specialist decorative finishes…

  • Diploma in Painting and Decorating - Level 3

    This advanced course is aimed at those who want to pursue a professional career in painting and decorating. You will develop a range of practical skills including special decorative finishes, architectural…

  • Diploma Painting and Decorating - Level 1

    In this introductory course you will develop the practical skills needed for a career in painting and decorating. You will study the basics from preparing surfaces through to applying specialist decorations…

  • Painting and Decorating - Basic Construction Skills - Entry Level

    This course is for those who didn't achieve the necessary GCSE grades for Level 1. In this introductory course you will cover practical and job-related knowledge for a career in painting and decorating…

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  • Painters and decorators

    Those working in this unit group apply paint, varnish, wallpaper and other protective and decorative materials to interior and exterior walls and surfaces, paint designs on wood, glass, metal, plastics and other materials, and stain, wax and french polish wood surfaces by hand.

  • Vehicle paint technicians

    Vehicle paint technicians use spray equipment to apply paint, cellulose and other protective or decorative materials to the bodywork of motor vehicles.

  • Glass and ceramics makers, decorators and finishers

    Glass and ceramics workers, form, shape, decorate, smooth and polish glassware, earthenware, refractory goods, clay bricks and other ceramic goods.

  • Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.

    Jobholders in this unit group perform assembly and routine operative tasks not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 813: Assemblers and Routine Operatives.

  • Construction and building trades n.e.c.

    Those working in construction and building trades n.e.c. undertake a variety of tasks in the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of buildings, steeples, industrial chimneys and other tall structures, and of underwater structures not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 531: Construction and Building Trades.

  • Bakers and flour confectioners

    Bakers and flour confectioners prepare and bake dough, pastry and cake mixtures and make and finish flour confectionary products by hand.

  • Florists

    Florists sell flowers and related products in a wholesale or retail business, and design and make up floral bouquets, wreaths, tributes and other floral arrangements for sale to the public.

  • Floorers and wall tilers

    Floorers and wall tilers lay composition mixtures (other than mastic asphalt) to form flooring, plan, fit and secure carpet, underlay and linoleum and cover and decorate walls and floors with terrazzo and granolithic mixtures, tiles and mosaic panels.

  • Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers

    Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers make, repair and restore wooden furniture, decorative objects and other crafted pieces of woodwork.

  • Glaziers, window fabricators and fitters

    Job holders in this unit group install pre-glazed wooden, metal or PVC framework, and cut, fit and set glass in windows, doors, shop fronts, and other structural frames.

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