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Welcome computing and IT (Computer Science) applicants!

You have made a great decision choosing West Notts!

A quick message from the Head of Department, Trudi Dean

FAQs - computing and IT courses

The following information will hopefully give you a little bit more of an insight into what it will be like to be a student with us.

  • Where will I study?

    Our computing courses are based at the Derby Road campus, Mansfield, and have a dedicated area with rooms for study and practical work. The college operates 13 different bus routes to and from this campus, both in the morning and the evening.

  • What is it like?

    College is an adult, professional environment intended to prepare you to work in your chosen industry. We expect our students to behave in the way that they would in a job with an employer. Attendance and punctuality are very important too. As our aim is to get students into industry, we work with them on their own personal presentation while on the study programme.

  • What will I study?

    The courses are a mix of practical IT sessions and more traditional classroom learning. While there is plenty of opportunity to practice your programming skills or fix computers, you will still be expected to understand the theory behind some of the practice, so classroom learning is also important. The higher the level of study programme that you’re on, there will be more theory combined with practical. The computing team involve their students in lots of hands-on project work, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn ‘on the job’. Some of these projects are for local employers and you will be expected to present back ideas to them.

  • What about English and maths?

    If you start at college and you haven’t yet achieved your English and maths GCSEs at grade 4 or above, then you will continue to study these for three hours each week per subject. At the end of your first year you will take a re-sit GCSE exam. It is important you attend your English and maths lessons alongside your chosen course.

    Take a look at our fact sheets to find out why English and maths is important within this industry.

    View English and maths fact sheets

  • What will I have to wear?

    Computing students can wear whatever they want to come to college in, as long as it’s appropriate and isn’t offensive. We have no dress codes in terms of hair colour, jewellery etc. There may be occasions when students are asked to come dressed appropriately for the workplace, which is more than likely when they are presenting to their class or working with local employers on projects. This does not necessarily mean wearing a suit, but looking smart, clean and well-presented.

  • Will I have to do a work placement?

    At levels 2 and 3 you will be expected to complete a work placement. Past students have enjoyed some great placements will really good employers. The central work placement team can help find you an opportunity. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and maybe even move into a job like some of our past computing students.

    All of our students will be able to also get engaged with our learning companies, which provide in-house opportunities to gain real-world experience. This year students are doing a whole range of projects from refurbishing automated demonstration systems for engineering, providing IT support to the rest of the student body, and providing IT repairs for a whole range of kit.

  • Applicant activities

    Before you start at West Notts, here are a few activites to get involved in.

    Code breaker logo

    Task for all Level 2 and Level 3 applicants

    Each year, the Computer Science department hosts a code breaking competition, so why not get a taste of what’s to come and take on the challenge to earn a prize?

    View the task

    Submit your work and/or contact the tutor

    Close up of computer circuit

    Task for IT Technician (Advanced) - Level 3 applicants

    Your task is to review a piece of technology in your home. This piece of technology can be new or old, it can be a wearable or IoT device or any device which you use or have access to. You will need to produce either a written report with imagers explaining the specs of the device or it can be a video of you reviewing the device. Below are examples of how the professionals do it.

    Example 1, Example 2

    Submit your work and/or contact the tutor

    Viewing inside components of a PC

    Task for IT Technician (Advanced) - Level 3 and IT Technician (Intermediate) - Level 2 applicants

    Your task is to produce an ultimate build PC that follows a certain set of requirments.

    Download the task documents

    Submit your work and/or contact the tutor

    Image of a young women smiling towards the camera

    Watch - What our students say

    Abby loves to develop her skills on website production, games creation and other technical apps. She gets support and encouragement from tutors who are industry professionals. She likes the differences that college offers from school.

    View the video on YouTube

    Image of a young man smiling towards the camera

    Watch - What our students say

    Jonathan likes the practical side of things which he studies alongside the theory. He’s getting along well with his work placement and gaining confidence and skills. Cyber security is the area he’d like to pursue in the future.

    View the video on YouTube

    Image of Dave Wright speaking to a group of students

    News - Industry week

    Careers talks during industry week help students plan for the digital future.

    Read the story

    Young woman writing a letter

    Read letters from our current students

    Our students wanted to share their experiences of college with you. We hope their letters help answer some of your questions and put you at ease.

    Read Josh's letter

  • Ask your tutor

    Anything playing on your mind about your college course? Then send your questions to our college tutors using our simple online form.

    Ask a question

Why choose West Notts?

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100% A Level pass rate in 2020.

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction.**Learner Exit Survey 2019/20

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An extensive bus service across Mansfield and the surrounding area.

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We have four campuses each boasting a number of state-of-the-art facilities.

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