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Want to add Vision University Centre as an EXTRA choice for September 2019?

If you've used all five choices on your UCAS application, and you're not holding any offers, you could still apply for another Higher Education course using UCAS Extra – and best of all, it’s free!

Why choose us?

  • An opportunity to stay close to family and work commitments.
  • Take advantage of our competitive tuition fees.
  • Study in modern, spacious surroundings.
  • Smaller class sizes means additional support from tutors.

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  • What is UCAS Extra?

    UCAS Extra is another chance for you to gain a place on a Higher Education course at a university or college, between 25 February and 4 July 2019.

    If you’ve already used all five of your choices on your original application – and you’re not holding any offers, you can add another choice using the Extra service.

  • Can I use Extra?

    You can use Extra if:

    • You made an original application through UCAS.
    • You’ve received decisions from your five choices – but were either not accepted for them, or you chose to decline the offers for any reason.

    Tip: If you’re eligible to use this service, the option to ‘Add an Extra choice’ will becoming available in the ‘Your choices’ section of UCAS Track.

  • How many Extra choices can I have?

    You can add an Extra option to your application as many times as necessary (until 4 July), but you can only ever have one option being considered at any one time.

  • How do I use Extra?

    1. Find a course you wish to apply for (use the UCAS search tool to find places which are available in Extra – contact the university or college to check they will consider you).

    2. Apply for the new course (add the course details in Track – if you’re applying for a different subject, you may need to send on a revised personal statement to the university or college).

    3. The university or college will consider your application.

    4a. If you receive an offer, reply to it using Track. If you accept the offer, it’s yours, subject to conditions. You will be given a date for when you must accept or reject this offer by, otherwise your offer will automatically be declined.

    4b. If you receive an offer but don’t want to accept it, you can decline using Track and start your Extra search again.

    4c. If you’re not offered a place, you can start the Extra process again – and keep going until you get a place, or until the 4 July Deadline.

  • What if I miss the extra deadline?

    After 4 July, you will be able to add an additional choice using the traditional Clearing service.

  • Where can I find out more?

    More information can be found at the official UCAS website or you can speak to the college’s Higher Education team

    Freephone 0808 100 3626

Need help?

More information can be found on the official website


speak to us on

0808 100 3626

Our 0808 number is Freephone from a UK landline or mobile phone.

Why choose West Notts?

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100% A Level pass rate in 2018

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Best A Level provider in Mansfield and Ashfield for student progress*

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction**

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£50m investment in our facilities since 2008

*Value added is a measure of a student’s progress against their starting point
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