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  • Art and Photography A Level - Level 3

    An A Level in art and photography is designed for developing your style and talent while learning a range of fine art and photographic techniques and approaches.

  • Biology A Level - Level 3

    The Biology A Level will develop your knowledge of cells, organs, the treatment of disease and human evolution.

  • Business Studies A Level - Level 3

    Understanding business is becoming increasingly important in a world where advances in technology and communications have taken centre stage. This course will provide the grounding needed to cope with…

  • Chemistry A Level - Level 3

    An A Level in chemistry will help you to build and develop your knowledge of chemical principles through a combination of practical and theory-based work.

  • Construction and the Built Environment (Vocational) - Level 3

    This course is aimed at students who want to pursue a professional career in the construction and built environment industry.

  • Criminology - Level 3

    Criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals.

  • Engineering (Vocational) - Level 3

    This is an Engineering Foundation Technical Level 3 course and offers students the ability to learn a range of engineering principles and processes, with a future view on Higher Education qualifications…

  • English Language A Level - Level 3

    Whilst working towards an English language A Level, different variations of the English language will be analysed to develop your understanding and appreciation of English in all its contexts. You…

  • English Literature A Level - Level 3

    Studying A Level English Literature will encourage you to develop your interest and enjoyment of the written word. You will gain an understanding of the traditions of literature, make informed opinions…

  • Film Studies A Level - Level 3

    Film is a dominant art form, both reflecting and influencing society and culture. This A level will give you a broader knowledge of film, exploiring it over a range of time periods and movements including…

  • Further Maths A Level - Level 3

    This is a really exciting and challenging course for those exceptionally talented mathematicians who have excelled in Maths at GCSE.

  • Geography A Level - Level 3

    The A Level in geography will encourage you to look at the physical nature of the planet and the influence human activity has on it.

  • Health and Social Care (Vocational) - Level 3

    Learners will be required to attend placement in a real work environment to support their learning. The minimum required number of placement hours are 75 hours.

  • History A Level - Level 3

    A better knowledge and understanding of the past is an excellent way to get a clearer view of today's events. This is what makes our A Level History course such a compelling area of study.

  • Information Technology (Vocational) - Level 3

    This is an OCR Technical Extended Certificate Qualification and will develop the core knowledge, skills and understanding required in the IT sector. The course will cover a range of mandatory units…

  • Law A Level - Level 3

    What makes someone liable for murder rather than manslaughter? What does a juror do in a trial? Do judges make law and should they make law? How far does our law reflect a common morality?

  • Maths A Level - Level 3

    A Level Mathematics builds on and extends GCSE knowledge and skills and introduces new ideas, such as calculus and its applications. It emphasises how mathematical ideas are interconnected and how these…

  • Media A Level - Level 3

    In the media-dominated world you will be taught how to analyse the various forms of media language and representations that we consume every day; developing the ability to deconstruct a variety…

  • Music (Vocational) - Level 3

    This is a Level 3 diploma in music, equivalent to 1.5 A Levels, and must be studied alongside two A Level subjects.

  • Physics A Level - Level 3

    Physics is a fundamental science subject and the key to understanding the world around us and the world beyond us. 


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