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Coronavirus - view information for students, apprentices and employers
The principal’s end-of-academic year message to students and apprentices

Due to the closure of college, applications can only be made online.

If you are unable to make an online application, please call 07891540830, 07930673669 or 07957543886 to make your application over the phone.

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Welcome A Level applicants!

You have made a great decision choosing West Notts!

  • A big hello!

    Firstly, a warm welcome and thank you for choosing to study your A Levels with us at West Nottinghamshire College - you have made the right choice.

    You are about to embark on an exciting new phase in your life where you will make lifelong friends and learn a wide range of new skills which will support you on your future path or chosen career. As well as studying your chosen A Levels you will have the opportunity to access a wide range of enrichment activities that we hope you will take advantage of; in addition to this you will have opportunities to gain and enhance your employability skills through initiatives like work experience and joining our learning companies.

    Visits to universities and other trips as well as lectures by guest speakers are part of our offer, these vary across the subjects you chose to study. Our highly-experienced and committed teachers are excited about meeting you and being part of your learning journey with us. Our achievement coaches will provide you with guidance and support throughout your time with us, some of the activities they will help with are, UCAS applications, CV writing, personal statements, work placements, personal and academic skills to name a few.

    Myself and the team look forward to seeing you soon.

    Amanda Gleadall
    Head of Department for Academic Studies

  • Applicant activities

    Before you start at West Notts, here are a few activites to get involved in.

    Summer school logo

    Join our summer school!

    Our summer school is a brilliant opportunity for you to build an early relationship with your future classmates and tutors as well as getting a real taste of the courses you have applied for.

    Find out more

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    Sign up to The Access Project today!

    This project supports motivated young people to access top universities. If you're an ambitious student and want to go to a top university, watch this short video to find out what support you could receive.

    View the video

    Sign up today

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    Watch - What our students say

    Carla is currently studying three A-Levels at the college, Business Studies, English Language and History, she really enjoys the course and the subjects that she has chosen. Once completing her studies with us at college, Carla wishes to go onto university and believes her A-Levels will help with this aim.

    View the video on YouTube

    Image of a young women smiling towards the camera

    Watch - So what can you expect in a history lesson?

    Listen to one of our A Level students talk about the range of skills she’s gained as well as her favourite aspects of the course.

    View the video on YouTube

    Image of a brain

    Read - West Notts College and psychology

    Find out what life is like for a psychology student at West Notts.

    Read the letter

    Young woman writing a letter

    Read letters from our current students

    Our students wanted to share their experiences of college with you. We hope their letters help answer some of your questions and put you at ease.

    Read Grace's letter

    Read Harrison's letter

    Read Kurtis's letter

    Closeup of a hand holding a pencil writing a story

    Competition for English language applicants

    Write a 200 word work story. Select one of these sentences as a story starter (which doesn’t count as part of the 200 words).

    I just saw my reflection blink…

    I reached for the light switch but another hand was already there…

    Sometimes you learn things you wish you hadn’t…

    Flowers came to my house every other Monday around 1 o'clock…

    The envelope looked as though it had been in the post for years.

    He picked up the key and slipped it into his pocket, sure nobody had seen him.

    A strange door suddenly appeared in my house…

    Submissions to be sent to Alison Lincoln via email

    Image of random words piled on top of each other

    Competition for English language applicants

    Invent a new word. Using the PowerPoint as a guide to make your own word and explain how you made it.

    Submissions to be sent to Alison Lincoln via email

    View the task

    TikTok logo

    Competition for English literature applicants

    Make a TikTok which features your favourite book or literary characters.

    Submissions to be sent to Alison Lincoln via email

    Image of the USA flag

    Competition for history applicants

    Analyse why the Union defeated the Confederacy in the American Civil War or to what extent did the USA lose the Vietnam War due to the strength of the Vietcong?

    The essay should be around 1,500 words long.

    Submissions to be sent to John Winfield via email

    Image representing elements of science

    Task for biology, chemistry and physics applicants

    Choose one of the science tasks provide and creatively capture your results!

    Please send your entries to or

    View the task

    Image of a compass on a map

    Task for geography applicants

    Produce a five-minute video speech on the title theme:

    What aspects of the lockdown will future geographers be interested in studying and why?

    Please send your entries to

    Image of a calculator on paperwork of sums

    Task for maths applicants

    In this task you’ll be asked to make educated guesses and give esimations to a range of problems.

    Please send your entries to

    View the task

  • Ask your tutor

    Anything playing on your mind about your college course? Then send your questions to our college tutors using our simple online form.

    Ask a question

Why choose West Notts?

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98.8% A Level pass rate in 2019

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Best A Level provider in Mansfield and Ashfield for student progress*

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction**

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An extensive bus service across Mansfield and the surrounding area

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£50m investment in our facilities since 2008

*Value added is a measure of a student’s progress against their starting point
**Learner Exit Survey 2017/18
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