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Students’ research knows no bounds!

Posted: 07 May 2024

A-Level students at the Mansfield and Ashfield Sixth Form College have been presenting their varied research topics which form part of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The EPQ is equivalent to half an A-Level and students have a free choice of topic – learning to manage and plan a project, use research skills, and apply it to their preferred area of focus.

They learn to solve problems and are required to display their evaluation and reviewing skills at the end.

Film studies, history and English language student Hannah Cordon presented her project which concentrated on the works of Neil Gaiman, an author of short fiction novels, graphic novels, audio theatre and screenplays.

Hannah wanted to focus on matching characters to their inspiration from Gaiman’s books and how they’ve been adapted from page to screen.

Novels that she worked on were American Gods and Good Omens. Hannah made observations about various differences there were between the book and screen productions, with her colourful display designed to provoke questions from visitors.

Skye Goodwin, a student on the psychology, criminology and law courses, took her interest in sharks and marine biology to another level for her project.

She focussed on how sharks are villainised by the public in films and cartoons compared to how they really are in their natural habitat. Her research spanned different species, their lifespans, diet and reproduction cycle, as well as the level of danger they actually pose.

Law and business student Ilja Semjonovs delved into the musical world of R&B for his EPQ studies.

His research had an historical look into how this genre was born in the 1940s in African American communities and how it has developed geographically and culturally.

Ilja presented what goes on behind the music including the work of the artist, music and video producers, cameraman, directors and engineers.

He also produced his own melody and beat using Ableton music creation software, which incorporated strings, piano and drums. This is something that he enjoys creating in his spare time.

Carys Reid’s love of fashion went on a journey through time, looking at how styles changed through the Renaissance, Georgian and Victorian eras. Her project tapped into how fashion had a hierarchy for both men and women in different social settings.

Carys, who studies history, criminology and law, and wants to study criminology at university, presented how these different eras were known for their detail in embroidery, jewellery and accessories such as fans, gloves, hats and wigs.

Film and sociology student Scarlett Madeley studied the perception of vampires in society and how the characteristics have changed positively over the centuries – highlighting the shift from horror to romance.

Her work compared the first ever Dracula film Nosferatu, which was based on Bram Stoker’s infamous story. Her work looked then at the 2000’s versions of this character in the Twilight books.

A-Level teacher Virginia Lowe said: “What a great effort this year from all the students. We had a wide variety of projects, ranging from women in Assyrian literature to sharks, and from internet fraud to historical fashion.  

“It has been a fascinating research journey for our students and a great read for staff when we’re marking their reports and artefacts!”

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