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Coronavirus Guidance

Message to all students and apprentices (published 8 June 2020)

Following recent government guidance in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the college is able to provide further details about its plans to re-open for more students from 15 June 2020.

In responding to the government’s request for colleges to open for a wider group of students, we need to be absolutely certain that we are able to do so as safely as possible. The health, safety and welfare of our students and staff members is our absolute priority and is central to any decisions we make.

To comply with official guidance and ensure safety at all times, we will not be able to open the college fully to all students. This means, for many of you, we will ask you to continue working remotely. We recognise this may be disappointing as no doubt you will be missing your friends and seeing your teachers face-to-face. However, the guidance is clear: that colleges must limit the numbers of students on-site to keep them safe and ensure social distancing can be adhered to.

The college has worked hard since lockdown to ensure that online learning is as good an experience for students as it possibly can be. Thank you for engaging so positively in this new way of learning. The vast majority of you have embraced this type of learning and we do not want to disrupt this for any of our students where it is working well, and where students are enjoying their learning and are able to complete all aspects of their course through online delivery.

In accordance with the above, we will only be inviting students to attend college that need face-to-face support and contact with practical learning to enhance what is currently on offer, and those for whom we think getting a ‘head-start’ on the next academic year will significantly benefit their learning, experience and progression.

FE students and apprentices

Students and apprentices who we think may benefit from some form of face-to-face learning will be contacted by a member of college staff (more than likely your teacher/assessor or a member of support staff), who will let you know when you should attend and over what time period. We will send those students and apprentices information about how to keep themselves safe while on-site, along with information about social distancing measures. This information can be found here and here. Attendance is entirely voluntary as we recognise that students and parents may have genuine concerns about returning to college.

Since 23 March, the college has remained open for a very small group of students who have benefitted from on-site learning. Those students should continue to attend as normal.

Unless you are contacted by a member of college staff you should continue to access your online learning as directed by your teachers/assessors and not come into college.

HE students

In order to comply with government guidance that limits the number of students permitted on site, and to ensure safety at all times, it means unfortunately we will not be able to extend our face-to-face teaching for our higher education students.

As such, HE students will continue to be taught via online delivery.

We recognise this may be disappointing for you and thank you for continuing to engage so positively in your remote learning.

Should the situation change at all, we will of course let you know.

Update to students, apprentices and employers (published Tuesday 24 March 2020)

We hope that the first day of online learning has run smoothly. We appreciate the adjustment to new ways of working is posing some technical and well as personal challenges for us all. However, we would encourage you all to engage as fully as possible with your online learning.

As you will know from previous communications, we had been hoping to provide occasional access to our campuses for some practical assessments and learning by prior arrangement with teachers. However, in light of the Prime Minister’s announcement last night (Monday 23 March), this will no longer happen. The vast majority of our teaching and support for students will now move online.

The college does remain open for a small number of students who have been contacted by support teams and invited to come in on set days. No student should attend college without this being agreed by either the ALS team, support coaches or the safeguarding team. The Derby Road site only will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to support these students.

Our ways of working from today (Tuesday 24 March) until further notice are as follows:

  • Students will receive their remote learning as per their timetabled sessions and should log-on and be ready to learn at those times.
  • Support services such as careers, safeguarding and learning support will also be provided remotely.
  • All work placements have been suspended with immediate effect, and until further notice. However, those students doing part-time jobs as part of their work placement should continue to attend work as normal or unless your employer tells you not to do so.
  • On Mondays and Fridays, the college will be closed for the foreseeable future to ALL students and staff.
  • On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during term-time we will open the Derby Road campus ONLY, for a small number of students, specifically those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or those who have been contacted by a member of the college’s support teams to invite them in.
  • We will provide support on-site to these students to access their online learning. This is entirely voluntary and we understand if those students choose not to come into college. We urge you to stay at home if it is possible for you to do so.
  • Students who are self-isolating in accordance with government advice should NOT come into college.
  • No student should attend unless they have had a specific conversation with a member of college staff.
  • Exams have been cancelled across the country. The college will be asked to send exam boards the grade it believes GCSE and A-level students were most likely to get in each course if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned. Teachers will consider a range of things like your classwork and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment or coursework; and your general progress during your course. It is important, therefore, that you continue to engage in your online learning. This includes maths and English.
  • College bursaries will be paid as normal and students in receipt of free college meals will receive payment of £10 per week directly into their bank account.
  • Once we have all settled into these new ways of working and learning, we will move towards a discussion about progression and supporting you into your next steps.

We appreciate this is hugely challenging and very worrying. Support coaches and the safeguarding team remain available through WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger or via email at or Scheduled counselling sessions will continue at the pre-arranged time but via telephone or MS Teams. If you feel that you need personal support during this time, please make contact with either the support coaches or safeguarding team to ask for help.

Please do try and heed the government advice and remain in your home and stay safe.

Students - Frequently asked questions

  • Is the college closed to all students?

    The college is closed to the vast majority of students until further notice. However, the Derby Road campus will be open to a small number of students who require specialist support. This will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. However, this is entirely voluntary and we understand if those students choose not to attend college – and students who are self-isolating definitely shouldn’t come in.

  • What time will college be open if I need to come in?

    The Derby Road campus will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 7.30am-5.30pm (term-time only), but just for those students who we have already spoken to. Structured support for students will be between 9am and 2.30pm.

  • If I can't come in to college, how will I continue with my studies?

    Students will be taught via virtual learning (online), as per your regular timetable. Teachers are well-prepared to deliver lessons remotely, using systems such as Moodle and Microsoft Teams, and have been preparing online lessons and resources. Please log-on and be ready to learn at those times.

  • What if technical issues stop me from doing the online learning?

    If you have a problem accessing online materials or resources, please notify your teacher in the first instance.

    However, if you have a college-related general I.T. issue (i.e. problems accessing Moodle), please email

    If you are unable to access the internet, please contact your internet service provider.

  • How will I know when college re-opens?

    As soon as we’re able to run classes as normal, teachers will notify you directly. However, we will also communicate any updates or important information via our usual channels, such as text messages, email, the college website and social media.

  • Should I still attend my work placement?

    No. All work placements have been suspended until further notice. Some of our Higher Education placements particularly in educational settings may well continue. However, if you are doing a paid part-time job as part of your work placement, you should continue to attend as normal, or until notified otherwise by your employer.

  • Will I still get my bursary even though I’m not in college?

    Yes. Students will continue to receive their bursary, paid directly into their bank accounts.

  • Will I still receive free college meals?

    Students in receipt of free college meals will be paid £10 per week directly into their bank accounts.

  • I was meant to sit my exams this summer – what happens now?

    The government has confirmed it will scrap the May/ June examinations and use teachers’ assessments to provide calculated grades for students this year. Students will have a chance to resit an exam if they don’t think the grade is fair. Please note the government has recently announced that students will receive their GCSE results on 20 August and A-level students will receive their results on 13 August. This is a change from previous government guidance. For further information on how your work will be graded please see this brief video from exam regulator Ofqual:

  • Will I need to repeat my college year next year to catch up?

    No. The government have committed to ensuring that regardless you will be supported to achieve. We will talk to you over the next few weeks and months about your next steps.

  • Is the welfare team still available?

    The welfare team and support coaches will be available on-site for those students who are still coming to college by prior arrangement. For all other students, please email and a team member will contact you. Team members will also be making regular arrangements to catch up with the students they support either through Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We know that this is worrying and we want to provide as much personal support as we can to get you through it.

  • What if I have a safeguarding concern?

    A safeguarding officer will be available on-site for those students who are still coming to college by prior arrangement. For all other students, please email and somebody will contact you.

  • Do these changes also apply to HE students?

    Yes they apply to ALL students. Your teacher should have made contact with you either through Microsoft Teams or your college email. Please attend your timetabled class but online through Microsoft Teams.

    Additional information can be viewed on the oia website .

Apprentices - Frequently asked questions

Employers - Frequently asked questions

  • Can assessment visits still continue in my work place?

    By now you will have made an assessment about your own workplace response to COVID-19 and the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March 2020. We have assumed that you will not want these visits to continue. We can continue to support remotely and we are encouraging our apprentices who are still in the workplace to collect and evidence as much as they can through OneFile.

    If you have made the decision to close your premises or indeed have suspended external visitors, then we can talk to you and your apprentice/s about remote assessment and support. Again, please make contact with your apprenticeship manager or specialist/assessor to arrange.

  • How will you continue to support off-the-job learning if the college is now closed?

    Apprentices should have been provided with details about how to access online learning – this will be arranged at the same time as we would have been expecting them into college for day-release or when we were due to deliver the training in your workplace. They will either be able to complete this learning from home or if you can provide them with a computer and access from work, they will be able to do this on your premises.

  • Will end point assessments continue as planned?

    We are awaiting firm guidance from the awarding bodies. You have probably heard that examinations have been suspended. As yet, we don’t know what this means for EPAs. It may be that professional discussions are conducted remotely. As soon as we have clarity, then will of course update you.

  • What if I’ve had to send my apprentice home? Will they still be counted as an apprentice?

    As long as you continue to pay them and we can evidence that they are still in learning, then they should still be classed as an apprentice. However, if they are on unpaid leave or unfortunately you have had to lay them off, then will update you as soon as we have guidance and clarity from the Department for Education.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    Gregg Thompson - or call 07816 593269

    Ricky Singh - or call 07939 481715

    Ruth Owen - or call 07923 057765

    Tom Owen - or call 07939 481715

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